fluorite brass earrings
fluorite brass earrings
fluorite brass earrings by Full Moon Designs
side view fluorite brass earrings by full moon designs

Fluorite Brass Earrings

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Fluorite promotes self confidence. It is also a very protective stone, especially good for protection against psychic attack, it keeps the aura stable and clean. Psychologically, it is said to help you to re-assess fixed behavioural patterns and update them, releasing outdated energies and beliefs. It supports relationships, clearing negativity.  

It ia also helpful for organising and learning. (Always keep a piece of Fluorite next to computers as it blocks electromagnetic stress) .In Physical crystal healing Fluorite is very beneficial at dealing with infections and viruses. 

Associated to cancer birth sign.

Specifications :
Stone : green and purple fluorite
Metal : brass
Hooks : gold on brass. Hypo alllergrenic. Stoppers provided.