mtorolite brass necklace
mtorolite brass necklace by full moon designs, natural gemstone jewellery, handmade in brixton

Chalcedony Gold Necklace

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A smooth slab of dusky green chalcedony entices with mysterious charm on a gold-plated brass chain with thin metal detailing.

About the stone

Mtorolite is also called Chromium Chalcedony.  One of its properties is  supporting stone that provides rationality and the strength to withstand the challenges that life has for us. It supports the heart chakra and emanates messages of tranquility to the brain. A rare stone only found in one place in the world, Mtorolite comes ethically sourced from the mountainous region of Mtoro in Zimbabwe. 

Stone : mtorolite (also known as chromium chalcedony)
Metal : brass
Chain : gold plated, hypoallergenic
Length : 24"   61 cm