Amazonite Sterling Silver Ring - Side view-Full Moon Designs
Amazonite Sterling Silver Ring - Full Moon Designs

Amazonite Sterling Silver Ring

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Where a portion of the ocean poured into sterling silver and encased in glass, the mesmerising blue of Amazonite stone would yet be unrivalled. A chunky silver band suggests the strength required to hold onto this stone's beauty. A pristine piece with amazing versatility.

Amazonite is an incredibly powerful stone, which is particularly helpful for electromagnetic pollution found in microwaves, mobile phones and other new-age devices. A helpful stone to have around, especially if you spend to much time in front of your screen. Amazonite also balances the masculine and feminine energies and helps for those who seek universal love. Good for the heart and the throat chakras and useful for communication and intuition.

Amazonite is associated with the birthstone of Virgo (233 August - 22 Septemeber)

Stone: Amazonite
Metal: Sterling Silver
Size: UK:  0         US:  7 1/4