Amethyst brass earrings
Amethyst brass earrings left side
Amethyst brass earrings right side.

Amethyst Brass Earrings

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These are a bold and beautiful brass earrings which capture the colour of the amethyst having one totally raw and the other polished. These are very light and can be worn as everyday accessory or to go out .Their properties could also help you to keep relaxed in a social setting or in your personal environment.

Amethyst stone is one of the best stone to keep you relaxed and focused. It is an excellent tool for meditation, centering and to help you rise to a higher level of consciousness.This beautiful and powerful is associated with the third eye chakra which is one of the energy centre relating to higher self and self awareness. It is also beneficial for sleep disorder. Place close to a bed, under a pillow or next to it. 

Stones : amethyst (polished), amethyst (unpolished)
Metal : brass
Hooks : brass, hypoallergenic. Stoppers provided