How to cleanse cyrstals

Cleansing crystals is always a good idea. Crystals have the ability to hold, or to 'absorb' and redirect different energies. You should make sure to properly cleanse your crystals after buying them as they can hold negative energies from having been handled by people. They also may have travelled far before arriving in the shop where you have bought them, so it is strongly recommended to cleanse your crystals to ensure that any potential negativity, or energy misaligned with your own,  is removed. 

Water has its own healing property, and can neutralise any potential negative energy absorbed by your crystal, returning it to Mother Earth. It is said that natural running water is the most effective way to cleanse your crystal, but you can submerge them in any clean water in order to neutralise negative energy. However, tap water, which is likely to contain chemicals, is not advisable. Mineral, filtered or sea water would be best used where possible. 

If you are not able to run your stone under water, you can submerge or even soak it for a few hours. This should ideally be in the evening, under the light of the moon and if possible, using the full moon would be best. 

After cleansing your crystal, during the following day, you should place your crystals under the sun, preferably outside but if this is not possible then simply place on a window seal for a few hours. This allows the crystal to charge.

Afterwards, you should allow a short meditation, during which you can ask what you wish from the stone. 

This whole process can take up to 24 hours but it is worth the effort as you will start your journey with a cleansed crystal. 

It is not advisable to put the chains, leather or cords in water as they could get damaged.

Some crystals such as Citrine, Kyanite and Selenite never need cleansing as they are self cleansing. Quartz and Carnelian cleanse other crystals. 

Certain crystals such as selenite should not put under water as it will dissolve them.