Product Care

To look after your jewellery, keep your items in the box provided. Important : avoid leaving jewellery laying around as it will darken. For the silver plated, gold plated, gold on silver and gold filled avoid contact with water (no shower, bath or swimming)  or strong perfumes as it will eventually take the plate (Gold/Silver) off the base metal  especially on the chains. For the sterling silver items you can easily polish it with a soft cloth or a (silver) jewellery cloth to bring back to its natural shine. Avoid exposing the silver for long period of time in the sun or in the air as it could go black in colour and be a lot more difficult to polish.

The jewellery can not be exchanged or refunded if it is not adequately cared for.

We can not be held responsible for the loss of the colour on the chains or the jewellery. 

Being natural, crystals are strong. However, avoid dropping or knocking these stones on hard surfaces as this can lead to cracks and breakages and we can not be held responsible for this. We are more than happy to exchange the jewellery if it is not the perfect stone for you, however it must not have been worn.