About us

Perfectly matching the originality and contemporary style of today’s Brixton, Full Moon Designs is a boutique jewellery shop that sells a selection of hand crafted jewellery inspired by the vibrant colours of nature. With each item individually created using silver, bronze, crystals and semi-precious stones, no two pieces are exactly alike 
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handmade jewellery and crystals shop in brixton village called full moon designs

At Full Moon Designs you will find unique, natural, one-off pieces of jewellery, all handmade in Brixton Village, London. From statement pieces to minimal delicate stones, each item is inspired by fashion and nature, with pieces to suit every occasion. Every item is handmade by artist and expert jewellery craftswoman, Carole Mourier. 

Having grown up in the stunning French Alps, Carole then travelled for a few years, drawing inspiration from all over the world and soaking up aspects of nature and fashion from many different cultures, from Naples to Bejing. It was through these travels that Carole's interest in alternative living was sparked. 

Carole arrived in London in the early 90's, where she began studying art and design, eventually going on to study jewellery making. Having been passionate about colours, crystals and alternative aspects of life, Carole began her journey of making jewellery as a way of expression and reflecting her ideas.

She started by selling at music festivals, fairs, exhibitions, galleries and shops all over the country, all while travelling and continuing to gather inspiration. Carole then settled in Brixton, a vibrant area of London with a strong sense of identity and culture, where she sold her jewellery on a craft stall in Brixton for many years. As her unique and delicate pieces began to gather attention, Carole soon found there was demand for a more permanent location, and moved to her current shop in Brixton Village, South London.

At Full Moon Designs, the jewellery designs are each unique, based around the texture, shape and colour of each carefully sourced stone, which stems from Carole's belief that each piece has its own story to tell.

The jewellery is made using crystals, sterling silver, gold and even using brass. As well as jewellery, Full Moon Designs also provides raw and polished crystals, whose power is apparent, creating a tranquil environment in the shop where the energy is both calm and uplifting.

In recent years, Full Moon Designs has even expanded their range and now offers many fair-trade home accessories. Some of these accessories, such as scarves and candles, are made in the UK and some are sourced from abroad, but all accessories are fair trade and ethically sourced, many of them even having been made by artisans working as part of a cooperative. Every item in Full Moon Designs that isn't handmade by Carole herself is purchased from small like-minded suppliers, supporting independent businesses.

Full Moon Designs may have been created and inspired by places and people from around the world, but has found the perfect base in Brixton, where there is d
iversity and creativity in abundance.