Drusy Brass Necklace
Drusy Brass Necklace
Drusy Brass Necklace

Drusy Brass Necklace

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This stone appears to have deceptive depth, with an enchanting warm glow emitting from its heart. A simple gold wire with geometric design belies the drusy's complex intricacies in this exquisite medium-hanging pendant necklace. 

About the stone

Mesmerizing druzy gemstones' unique appearance are an incredible feat of nature. A layer of crystallization is caused by millions of years of the natural movement of water, running sediment, and silica over the surface of the stone, which gives it an appearance of crystalized sparkling sugar on the outer rind of the stone. Because these natural occurrences have happened gradually over so many years the layer of crystal druzy is not at risk of falling or running off.

Druzy Quartz holds all of the properties and benefits of Quartz, but is particularly beneficial for balancing, as well as enhancing energies. It can help with self-exploration patience and beginning new projects. Drusy can also help one keep balanced while learning to move forward Druzy Quartz is used to increase ones natural awareness, telepathy and increase awareness.

Stone : brass
Chain : gold plated, hypoallergenic
Length : 24"   61 cm