Heart shape Rose Quartz Goldfilled Earrings
Heart shape Rose Quartz Goldfilled Earrings. Hand crafted.

Rose Quartz Goldfilled Hoops

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A beautiful pink 14 ct goldfilled hoops earrings. A statement piece, but also lightweight. The rose quartz has a shape of a heart.

Rose Quartz is a crystal for love, whether it is love for friends, family, the world or self love. It can release anxiety and can help with fear in order to bring hope, and show compassion, empathy and kindness to one self or others. It is a stone about giving and receiving. 

Birth Sign
Taurus: 20 April  20 May
Stone: Rose Quartz
Metal: Goldfilled, beads and stoppers also 14 ct goldfilled.
Width: 4 cm